QuickTiter™ AAV Quantitation Kit - 20 assays


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    QuickTiter™ AAV Quantitation Kit - 20 assays

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    Traditionally, adeno-associated virus (AAV) particles have been quantified by DNA dot blot or similar procedures. These methods can be time-consuming and suffer from a high degree of inter-assay variability.

    Our QuickTiter™ AAV Quantitation Kit uses a proprietary technology to quantify the viral nucleic acid content of AAV preps. The kit can be used with unpurified supernatant of AAV-2 or AAV-DJ, or with purified AAV from any serotype.

    QuickTiter™ AAV Quantitation Kit - 20 assays

    Assay Principle for the QuickTiter™ AAV Quantitation Kit.

    QuickTiter™ AAV Quantitation Kit - 20 assays

    Standard Curve Generated with the QuickTiter™ AAV Quantitation Kit. The QuickTiter™ AAV-2 DNA Standard was diluted as described in the Assay Protocol. Fluorescence measurement was performed on a SpectraMax Gemini XS Fluorometer (Molecular Devices) with a 485/538 nm filter set and 530 nm cutoff.