Immunization Grade Human Type XI Collagen 1 mg, lyophilized
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    Immunization Grade Human Type XI Collagen 1 mg, lyophilized

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    DESCRIPTION: Type XI collagen is purified from pepsin-solubilized cartilage by repeat salt precipitation.

    Type XI collagen is one of three types of collagen which make up cartilage fibrils and consists of three α-chains, α1 (XI), α2 (XI), and α3 (XI), where α3 (XI) is homologous to the α1 (II) chain of type II collagen (1). 

    NOTE: Type XI collagen shares significant similarities with type V collagen, which consists of α1 (V), α2 (V), and α3 (V) chains, but these alpha chains are not identical (2).

    APPLICATION: Use for immunization to generate antibodies and for studying the contribution of autoimmunity to type XI collagen in collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) and rheumatoid arthritis. 

    NOTE: Antibodies against type II collagen partially cross-react to type XI collagen due to the homology between α3 (XI) and α1 (II). 

    QUANTITY: 1 mg 

    FORM: Lyophilized powder 

    SOURCE: Human sternal cartilage

    MOLECULAR WEIGHT: >300 kDa (Intact type XI collagen: approximately 360 kDa). By 6% gel analysis, type XI collagen is separated into three α-chains: α1(XI), α2(XI), and α3(XI) (1052, 1478, and 1060 amino acid residues) from the top of the gel.

    PURITY: >95% by SDS-PAGE gel analysis. No detectable type II or type IX collagen

    STORAGE: 4°C in the dark for lyophilized form and -20°C for solution form. Collagen may gradually degrade under neutral conditions. 

    STABILITY: 2 years

    NOTES: Type XI collagen can be dissolved at 4 mg/ml in an acidic solution such as 0.01-0.05M acetic acid, pH 3.0-3.3 or 0.15M citrate buffer, pH 3.6 by stirring at 4°C overnight. To neutralize the solution, add 10X neutral buffer containing 1.5M NaCl or dialyze the solution against a neutral buffer. 


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