Immunization Grade Human Type II Collagen, Solution - 2 mg/ml x 0.5 ml
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    Immunization Grade Human Type II Collagen, Solution - 2 mg/ml x 0.5 ml

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    DESCRIPTION: Highly purified type II collagen (treated with 3M guanidine, DEAE-cellulose, and Na2HPO4) 

    APPLICATION: Can be used for various purposes, such as a standard for collagen analysis by SDS-gel, substrate for MMP-1, MMP-8, and MMP-13, and as an antigen for immunizing animals for the induction of collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) in certain species and strains of experimental animals. 

    QUANTITY: 0.5 ml

    FORM: 2 mg/ml solution in 0.05M acetic acid

    SOURCE: Human sternal cartilage


    PURITY: >99% by SDS-PAGE, free of pepsin and proteoglycans 

    STORAGE: -20°C in the dark

    STABILITY: 2 years

    NOTES: In order to neutralize this product, add this collagen solution to the desired neutral buffer such as 2-10X Tris-NaCl (NaCl final concentration: 0.15-0.2M) or dialyze against 1X neutral buffer at 4°C.

    NOTE 1: The physicochemical property of type II collagen differs from type I collagen and type II collagen dissolved in a neutral buffer does not form a stable gel incubating at 37°C. In order to prepare a type II collagen gel, additional components such as type I collagen or other substances may be required. 

    NOTE 2: Although type II collagen does not form a gel at low concentrations, Chondrex, Inc. recommends keeping the collagen solution on ice.


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