Recombinant Angola marburgvirus Glycoprotein minus the Transmembrane Region (MARV-Angola rGPΔTM) - 100 ug
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    100 ug




    SF9 cells


    Column chromatography


    Marburg Virus

    Description: Mature, recombinant, His-tagged Angola marburgvirus Glycoprotein minus the transmembrane domain (MARV-Angola rGPΔTM) is supplied as purified protein. MARVAngola rGPΔTM is produced in Sf9 insect cells using baculovirus for expression and is purified by FPLC. 

    Storage: 2-3 weeks at -20◦ C, -80◦ C long term Size: 100 µg of protein supplied in PBS (supplemented with glycerol, arginine and glutamic acid) at a concentration of 0.334 mg/mL. 

    The theoretical molecular weight of the protein is ~60 kDa including the His-tag, without glycosylation. Because of the highly glycosylated nature of this protein, migration in an SDS-PAGE gel is slowed resulting in broad, diffuse bands representing differing glycosylation forms. 

    Relevance: Recombinant glycoprotein provides a means for antibody development, control protein for testing, and a tool to enhance research. Western Blot: Quality control testing demonstrates strong detection of GP null and GP2 under reduced conditions.