Tissue (Tumor) Dissociation / Single Cell Isolation Kit 4 rnx

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    Tissue (Tumor) Dissociation / Single Cell Isolation Kit 4 rnx

    Cat. #: P712-4 (4 rxn); P712-25 (25 rxn); P712-50 (50 rxn)

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    This Tissue (Tumor) Dissociation / Single Cell Isolation Kit is designed to isolate single cells from 10-60 mg fresh/formaldehyde-fixed animal tissues (including tumor tissues), in less than 10 minutes. The tissue dissociation / disaggregation buffers are formulated to gently disaggregate animal tissues. The buffers do not contain any proteinases that may have adverse effects on cell surface marker detection. The isolated single cells can be used for FACS, chromosome immunoprecipitation (ChIP), DNA/RNA/protein extraction or other cellular component isolation. This product is for research use only.