BT-20 cells (breast tumor cell line) - 1 mL vial (~1.3x10^6 cells/mL)
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    Disease: Carcinoma 

    Origin: This breast tumor line was established in 1958 by isolation and cultivation of cells spilling out of the tumor when it was cut in thin slices.

    Species: Homo sapiens, human

    Tissue: Breast, mammary gland

    Properties: Epithelial, adherent

     Complete Medium: Formulated EMEM (C0005-01)[compare formulation before culturing if not using our medium C0005-01, please see remarks below] + 10% FBS

    Subculture Procedure: 1:2 -1:4 using trypsin/EDTA; culture at 5% CO2, 37°C

    Medium Renewal: Two to three times weekly. 

    Freezing Medium: Complete culture medium supplemented with 5% (v/v) DMSO